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Spectator thinks of a contact in his telephone and a playing card, few seconds later his phone rings and is the contact they freely thought of before and on top of it, the card is also revealed.


The main principle of the app is to scan a QR code with spectator´s camera.

You fill in the gaps in the app, with your name, phone number and contact card, and then in the empty box you type in your prediction, for example, your card is the %@

Then you press done, and it will open the fake notes  and then let the spectator enter in the contact name and the playing card, and press OK, and ask him to hold the phone against himself. It will appear that the phone is locked, but if you tap the screen ,it will show the QR code, so if you take the spectators phone, you can scan the code with the camera, and it will show add to contacts, you press sit and give yourself a call, and then press save.

Now the only thing you must do is to call back the spectator with the last call of the missing calls.


Take out your phone and open the app and go to the fake notes,  ask the spectator to think of a contact and a playing card, and they write it down in the fake notes, and press ok, and ask them to keep it close to their chest, (it will appear that the screen is locked but if you tap the screen, it will show the QR code to scan,

Ask them for their phone and ask them to open the camera and say: “I am going to take a picture of you”. Then you take the Picture and when you go down with their phone you instantly scan the code, saying for example “Not bad, you even look younger…” just a few seconds to scan the code. Then it will appear the add to contacts, you add it, call yourself and then press save.

Then, to give back the call to the spectator, you can do it with your phone behind him, or if you are seated on a table, you can do it underneath.

Simple steps:

  1. Open the fake notes in the app
  2. Ask them to think and write down the contact and the playing card
  3. They hold the phone against their chest
  4. You ask them for their phone, and to open their camera.
  5. Take a Picture of them and scan the code.
  6. Call yourself, add the contact and save.
  7. Call back the spectator.

To clean up, just take spectators phone again and delete the contact, that you have your number in. You may argue you want to play another trick but unfortunately you discover there is not enough battery to continue…


It works very well with iPhone ( IOS ) and sometime may present problems in android versions, in particular when scanning the QR code,  that could be overcome by practising.


You can erase the hour in the notes app with this app:

You can download it from the apple store.

Here’s a quick video showing the works of the app




You can also set the contact name in the main screen, and then jump directly to the fake notes. You can input the card using volume buttons as shown below:

Volume buttons:

Step 1:

Up = Red

Down = Black

Step 2:

Up = Hearts

Down = Diamonds


Up = Spades

Down = Clubs

Step 3:

Up = High (7-King)

Down = low (Ace – 6)

Step 4:

Up = Very High (Jack-King)

Down = High (7-9)


Up = low High (4-6)

Down = very low (Ace-3)

Step 5:

Press Up to the value then press Down to confirm. (Vibrate feedback)


3 of Hearts = Up, Up, Down, Up, Down

8 of spades = Down, Up, Up, Down, Up, Down

Ace of diamonds = Up, Down, Down, Down, Down