MagicMans can help you to promote your name and products to our range of clients.

Therefore, if you have an effect that you want to sell as a download and/or physical product and you want to promote it to our 100.000 visitors per year, then we are here to help you.


We love promoting new magics, if you have a digital download video or a physical product that you want to sell, we have the necessary resources to help you make your dream come true! You will earn 70% of sales value.


Many effects today can be very economically produced. In fact, the use of a physical DVD to sell something has already been left behind. As long as you have a decent camera, you can market your effects in our Marketplace. On MagicMans.net!

Sign up in our vendors form and you can start posting your effects. Be original and be honest, all effect submisions will be under supervision until they are approved.

  1. Record a demo video of your effect. This is for customers to see what the effect is about
  2. Record an explanatory video. This is the video that customers will receive once they have purchased the effect. You have to teach how the effect is done. The more detailed the explanation, the better valuations you will get, which means more sales and money that you will earn.
  3. Upload a product photo for your effect. This is what customers will see when they find your product on our website.
  4. Write a product description, this is what will be shown on the product page allowing customers to read what the effect is about. Here you can play to be creative and try to sell your effect!
  5. Finally choose a price at which you want to sell the effect. You will earn 70% of sales value while MagicMans will retain 30% for sales managing, web hosting and customer service.

Step 1

We review your effect in secret

All requests are strictly confidential and no idea will be used without your consent. We know how to keep a secret.

Step 2

We will contact you

If we think that your effect fits in MagicMans, you will receive a response within 3 days. If you do not receive an answer, do not worry, this does not mean that your trick is bad; it only means that we believe that it does not fit into the frame of MagicMans virtual space.

Keep creating and improving.

We will value:




Magical impact

Recording quality

We look for any type of magical effect either from:

  • Cardmagic
  • Close up magic
  • Mentalism
  • General Magic
  • Cardistry movements
  • Coin Magic
  • PK effects
  • Any effect that is shocking!

If you have a physical product that you want to sell, please get in touch with us through the mail: info@magicmans.net or customerservice@magicmans.net