1. What are MagicPoints?

MagicPoints are points that you earn when you purchase any product in MagicMans, as well as performing other actions. Each product has a number of MagicPoints associated with it.

2. Where can I check how many MagicPoints I earn with each product?

On the page of each product, the number of MagicPoints associated with the purchase thereof is shown. The number of points is to the right of the product image, below the price.

3. What can MagicPoints be used for?

MagicPoints can be exchanged for exclusive gifts or you can save them in your user account to be used for future orders.

4. What is the advantage of accumulating MagicPoints?

By choosing to save the MagicPoints instead of spending them, you can get more valuable gifts in subsequent purchases.

5. How can I earn more MagicPoints?

You can earn more MagicPoints by sending comments on the items you have purchased in our store. If the comments meet our conditions, they will be approved and posted on our website.

You will receive 2 MagicPoints for each approved comment.

6. What is the value of 1 (one) MagicPoint?

Each MagicPoint has a value of 0.50 €