Màgic Andreu: 70 years of mastery

Next Wednesday will be 70 years of the birth, in Barcelona, of one of the main magical names in our country. Well, never better said, since Francesc Andreu Sabadell would soon put aside his real name to become known for his artistic alter ego, as simple as effective, a good hook synonymous with spectacle and professionalism, in a perfect example of what some experts call today commercial branding… Instead, the great asset of Màgic Andreu, and the main reason why he became one of our great magicians (and almost the “national warlock” of Catalonia), was not a magnificent idea of illusionism world nor the business vision, but the direct feedback with the audience and, above all, sense of humour. A resource that he would perfectly introduce in his performances and that would distinguish him at a time when magicians used to play with the mystery and inaccessibility cards.

Humour always as a magic tool

Speaking of cards, Andreu would precisely stand out in this branch of the showbiz, with card manipulation and close-up tricks as one of his main resources. However, he would discover magic in quite an advanced age, around 30 years. Very few would guess what he was doing until then… Francesc Andreu was a dog keeper! In one of his walks with his animals, a friend showed him a trick: that’s it, his passion for this world was born. Our protagonist would start acting in a restaurant in exchange for tips, but soon would move to Barcelona’s Rambla in order to get used to street shows (and where he would make friends with other show geniuses, Tricicle mimes). Even though at first his way of acting was quite conventional, a fortuitous incident, in which he knocked all his material on stage, made him see that humor, a characteristic inherent in his personality, could be the perfect catalyst so as to capture the public. We are talking about the end of the seventies, and little by little Andreu would earn a name thanks to his appearances on television programs. In 1988 he created his own production company and, in 1990, he premiered, on TVE’s Catalan channel La màgia màgica del Màgic Andreu, a complete program of one hour that combined tricks with interviews with famous people, and whose formula would repeat on TV3 with Això és massa, now in full prime time and with guests as relevant as Charlton Heston or Barcelona’s mayor Pasqual Maragall. It would be the definitive confirmation of his talent as a showman and communicator. Màgic Andreu was already a reference point for illusionism in Spain.

Andreu, always confortable before TV cameras

However, we cannot finish without highlighting his endless solidarity, with constant collaborations in children’s hospitals and our own projects such as the Nepal is Magic initiative. In fact, Andreu has even taught at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) on “illusionism as a communication technique”.

In short: a true master. A living legend. Congratulations, Màgic!