Dynamo, impossible’s magician

Today we will use a few lines to a young magician who has left a deep international footprint in recent times. We are talking about the British Steven Frayne, better known as Dynamo. Besides being one of the revelations in the English scene of the past decade, Frayne is a quite a character, with an interesting life, an overflowing talent and, like all the great illusionists, a deep sense of the show. Do you want to know him a little bit better?

Impossible is nothing for our friend Dynamo…

Steven was born in Bradford, one of the great cities of England’s Midlands, near Leeds, on December 17th, 1982. Son of English mother and Pakistani father, his childhood was not easy at all. Raised by his grandparents, at school he was bullied from a very young age, a fact that would mark him forever and which, incidentally, would bring him closer to the world of magic. He often tells how the first trick he learned was thanks to his grandfather, and it consisted of making him seem like he was very strong, so that other children could not get their hands on him. The adversities, nevertheless, would not finish right here: a teenager already, he was diagnosed with the cumbersome Crohn’s disease, and when he was 17 he had half stomach extracted. Today this condition still makes it difficult to him to maintain a stable rhythm of performances. Steve’s paternal grandfather was always a key figure in his life, and the person would introduce him to this sheer passion for illusionism. This is how Dynamo, the magician of the impossible, was born, step by step.

Medication has caused several changes in his appearence…

Although this famous name would be earned from the television show Dynamo: Magician Impossible, a documentary about his life broadcast between 2011 and 2014 and which became a glittering success and a real mass phenomenon in the UK, Dynamo’s career, like most of them, would start with a rather small profile, learning in a self-taught way and especially through his trips to the United States, mainly to Louisiana. Instead, when Steven began to earn some notoriety, mainly after his firsts appearances on television, in the program Richard & Judy (Channel 4), he did nothing but skyrocket. He soon became an important feature in the most watched television programs in the British Isles, and, more importantly, he knew perfectly how to work side-by-side with famous artists (Naomi Campbell, Robbie Williams, One Direction …) and star-system celebrities, as well as a whole series of media performances and appearances in numerous ads for brands as huge as PEPSI, Adidas, NOKIA or British Airlines. In short, a marketing mastermind and, at the same time, a socially committed person, as evidenced by his aid program to Syrian refugees.

Walking on Tamesis water

Dynamo, the magician of the impossible? Well, maybe rather “everything is possible with some magic…”