White magic, black magic: two reverses, a single power

A few days ago, we were talking about the differentiation between white and black magic, a duality as old as the very origin of this esoteric concept. Indeed, and despite its eminently supernatural and mysterious nature, magic and its ritual practices do not escape the great classic distinction between good and evil, and how are we, the people, who, depending on the use we give to magic, it turns into a benevolent and positive art or into a treacherous mean of spreading evil. Well, like everything in this life of us, the same instrument can serve several purposes, and these are, precisely, which really determine goodness or evil…

Incomprehension leads to fear…

So, the basic definition seems pretty easy: white magic is that used to help, to heal someone or something; that is, it has a clear component of restitution or strengthening of elements that are in a feeble condition, and it’s usually associated with natural powers. On the contrary, black magic is not used in favor of someone or something, but against. This kind of power is about practices focused on attacking or harming other beings, and that is why it drags, attached from the very beginning, a negative aura related to dark practices, Satanism and necromancy (that branch of magic devoted to divination and spells by means of the invocation to the dead). Nevertheless, it is interesting to halt here for a moment, since it is not difficult to notice the deep moral ambivalence which rises from an apparently so contrasted duality. That is: if we use white magic in order to heal a dying genocide and bring this person back to life, can we really speak about white magic? And what if we perform a black magic offering to spoil the provisions of a bloodthirsty army? Is it so black, to avoid suffering and death? Therefore, it’s not that easy, is it?

Black magic paraphernalia usually gives us the creeps..

Theoretically then, what eventually determines the denomination of magic are the means we use, but also our purposes, so it’s evident that the line which separates one from the other is thinner than it might seem. Certainly, white magic has more to do with healing spells, divination and the use of pure energies and benevolent spirits, whereas black magic is associated with the invocation of evil spirits, external aggression and the perversion of the established natural order so as to achieve illegitimate objectives for our own self-interest. The eye of the beholder is what truly make us talk about magicians or warlocks, shamans or sorcerers, healers or witches In short, about good or evil. So, what’s your vision regarding this matter?

Jesus Christ: son of God or white magic monger?