International Women’s Day: They also got magic

We can find many depictions of the world of magic and illusionism in practically all manifestations of popular culture, especially in literature and cinema, and with outstanding examples over the last few years. However, what is the typical treatment given to the female figure in these contexts? The truth is that, except for honorable but very minor exceptions, the extended mythology showing a mysterious male magician and his decorative woman assistant maintains the monopoly of the scene. And that, besides not being true at all, is deeply unfair.

So, how about if today, March 8, we take advantage of such a topic as writing about the struggle and visibility of women on the International Women’s Day to actually break another real topic: that of magic as a traditionally banned playground for all female masters of show and illusion? Let’s see just some examples of women magicians who have left their mark on the circuit to claim, once again, that art does not depend on gender:


  • Fay Presto: Born as Oliver Winter in 1948, Fay Presto (artistic name of Letitia Winer) is one of the most mediatic figures in British illusionism, member of world famous The Inner Magic Circle and also very committed with social causes, such as the LGBT movement or child poverty. With loads of public appearances in TV reports, documentaries and interviews, her main strength lays in a very personal style and short distances. Her famous Bottle Through Table trick is now a classic among the London restaurants where she usually performs.


  • Magic Babe Ning: After this pompous alias, which she has recently replaced by the no less bombastic Mind Magic Mistress, we find this great illusionist, escapist and natural entrepreneur magician from Singapore who, despite retiring in 2014, returned to the stage last year with a new main facet more focused on mentalism, her life true passion. Ning has always excelled by an outstanding staging and a sheer sense for the show, two values which she has also capitalized by writing several books and cultivating a good number of fans wherever she goes.


  • Billy Kidd: Yet another case of unconditional passion for magic. Billy started her career as an actress in Canada at the age of 11 and, when she was 21 and already with a meteoric career behind her, “the Kidd” left everything to devote all her body and soul to her true passion… With the street as theater of operations, this artist of special magnetism managed to make the leap to fame through television, with unforgettable programs such as Xmas Lecture (BBC), the series Breaking Magic and The Magic of Science, broadcast in Discovery Channel, or more recently in The Next Gen Magician ( ITV) and Masters of Illusion (CW). A real phenomenon in front of the camera…